More Kelly Brook Nude Cell Phone Pics Leaked


More nude cell phone pics of busty English model and actress Kelly Brook have just been leaked to the Web.

As you can see in the photos below, Kelly Brook’s udders are engorged and her teats are extremely swollen and red because she is in desperate need of a good hard milking. It is simply ridiculous that the infidels would be so irresponsible with the care of such a prime piece of female livestock like Kelly Brook.

Kelly deserves an owner that is going to take the time to go into the barn and milk her bountiful breasts dry every day. Of course only us righteous Muslims treat women this well, so it is no wonder that nearly every female in the West wishes that she could be in our service. Since Kelly’s master clearly can not keep up with her upkeep, I’d be willing to take her off his hands for him in exchange for half a bushel of chickpeas and a dozen gently used AK-47 casings.


celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad
celeb-jihad celeb-jihad celeb-jihad

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